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Thoughts From 6 Feet Away: Why Are We Still Here?

Random Thoughts:

When my daughter was born, I never dreamed that one day she’d know the ABBA catalog better than me, or that she would be rapping about Alexander Hamilton.

Speaking of which, I think it’s validation of parenting done right when THEY start teaching YOU things.

Mark Hamill is still upset about a scene that was cut from the original Star Wars in 1977. I wish I had the power to hold a grudge like that.

Those who long for the “good old days” are slow to realize that the old days weren’t necessarily good for everyone.

Most folks would be amazed at how many violent thoughts those in the medical profession suppress.

I’m amazed by all the things that have become “unamazing” to me, mostly as it applies to human behavior.

Is there a more helpless feeling than realizing that someone’s suffering is at least partly your fault?

The greatest obstacle to progress is a group of people who benefit from keeping things the way they are.

Mental health needs a stimulus check.

Why is it so hard for some people to understand that rules are sometimes made to protect us from our own dumb asses?

Masks don’t inhibit your freedom – they allow you to enjoy your freedom. This IS the compromise.

Personally, I like the idea of masks. No one can pimp me for medical advice if they don’t recognize me.

A few months ago, people would lament that their lives lacked spontaneity. Now people complain that they can’t plan ahead for anything. McFly…

Ten years ago, I paid one price for 200 channels. Now I pay 200 prices for one channel each. The commutative property of mathematics at work, ladies and gentlemen.

While we’re on the subject, forcing me to pay a monthly fee just to get the Hallmark Channel forces me to admit something about myself.

How the hell did I miss National Bourbon Day?

Women are amazing. For breast cancer awareness, they are mobilized in the month of October. Even got the NFL to wear pink. What do we do for prostate cancer awareness? We don’t shave. Men suck at activism.

There is no greater blessing than loving your co-workers. Screw pay.

If you’re the most talented person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.

My family has given me a hard time because I like the dog more than the cats. I quickly remind them that the dog has never given me resting bitch face.

2020 has been nothing but a series of daily “hold my beer” moments.

I go back and forth between worrying that people think I’m a slacker and actually being a slacker.

We’re all God’s children, but even He knows what a pain in the ass some of you are.

Watching this country try to lead us out of the pandemic is like the blind leading the blind. Then again, even the blind know when something smells like shit.

My relationship with you will change forever when you start telling me who I look like.

The only thing worse than the systemic racism set up by white people is the weird gestures white people do to convince people they are combating it. Pretty sure we’re going to need to do more than give Aunt Jemima a pink slip or rename the biggest bedroom in the house.

A few months ago, bars in Texas sued the governor for forcing them to shut during the pandemic. Imagine pet store owners suing the king for not being allowed to sell rats during the Black Plague.

We need to get concerts back soon...the Rolling Stones aren’t getting any younger.

I had a torn meniscus. When the surgeon discussed not rushing recovery with me, he reminded me that ‘athlete’ is not one of my primary roles. It was like getting hit in the face with a dodgeball all over again.

My ongoing philosophical debate is whether I can afford to wait until I lose weight so my clothes will fit right again or buy new clothes that reflect my current level of fatness.

I told a patient recently that unprotected sex is about as far from social distancing as you can get. The pressure is getting to all of us.

When did it stop being necessary to provide proof for your accusations?

Speaking of proof, “research” requires the use of a library or the consensus opinion of experts, not a YouTube video or a Facebook post.

While we’re talking about social media, I miss the days before the Internet when we were blissfully unaware of how ignorant most people were.

What exactly is the protocol when someone compliments your shoes from the next bathroom stall?

Speaking of which, I’ve been known to hide in the stall when someone else comes in, until they leave. Does anyone else do this? Are we afraid that they’ll point at us when we come out, announcing, “I know what you were doing”?

Can someone help me understand how our kids have to educate themselves at home for the sake of safety, yet we can hold sporting events (with spectators) as planned?


It's been a while, hasn't it? I would be the first to admit that all of the craziness of the fall and early winter have taken their toll. Since my last post, we have had COVID and an election, each providing the world with a daily opportunity to prove how oppositional we've become. When I see people giving in to paranoia and conspiracy, rejecting science and rational thought, I'm reminded of a story I once heard about feudal Japan. There was a point where the emperor banned the use of books and had them burned. Generations of learning were lost, to the point that when explorers visited Japan, the people thought the ships were "floating volcanoes." Will our ignorance reach such astounding heights?

My daily struggles in the medical community, paired with all the conflict I see on my social media, has caused me to become more withdrawn. I stopped writing for these blog posts, and I honestly didn't think anyone missed them. After hearing from a handful of people in the past week, I've decided to start posting again. My apologies to those of you who have enjoyed the break from my inane ramblings! As always, be excellent to each other, and...

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