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If you're looking for the latest news or events I'm planning to attend, you've come to the right place!



Summer Bludgeon is available for purchase!

The moment has come! Summer Bludgeon, the third Unsettling Reads anthology, is available for purchase on Amazon! My short story "The Tangled Web" is featured in this publication, and it's one of my favorite creations! A link for purchase can be found under the "Books" tab on this website. 

Apr. 7

Can't win them all, I guess!

The news from NYC Midnight wasn't the good news I had hoped for! My short story "The Turning Tides of Fortune" was not selected for advancement to the second round. It was a blessing in disguise, as the second round would have occurred on a busy weekend. The feedback was good, and I still got Honorable Mention in my heat. Onward and upward!

Mar. 23

Another anthology, another acceptance!

I'm happy to announce that my short story, "The Tangled Web," has been accepted to the Unsettling Reads anthology Summer Bludgeon! It is a crime caper involving a thief attempting to steal from a presidential hopeful, and what he discovers could not only bring down his victim, but could also rock the very foundation of our country's history! Will share more details and provide a link to purchase the anthology, once it is published!



Big news from NYC Midnight!

For the second year in a row, I made it to the second round of the NYC Midnight Short Story Contest. I'm delighted to say that I won my heat with the prompt Crime Caper/a family secret/a hitchhiker! One of 160 remaining out of over 4400 entrants, I will now get another prompt, with less time and a lower word count! Thanks for the support of everyone on this journey! I will post the stories in my blog in the near future.


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